Yokohama Tokyo Shonan

An All-English Preschool in Yokohama.
English classes for 2 years old to elementary school age.


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Sunrise Kids International School

Sunrise Kids International School Yokohama

Eiken level 4 at age5!!

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03-6638-9242 Mon.-Fri. 9:00am-6:00pm
Eiken level 4 at age5!!

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Preschool (Short-time / Full)

 Preschool (Short-time / Full)

Our curriculum allows English to develop English by teaching a wide variety of topics in the English language and allowing the children to develop English naturally over time.
Children learn that English is not just a subject to be learned, but a means to communicate with others.
Children will learn that while they might use Japanese at home, that bilingualism is also a powerful tool.
And while they may not realize it now, it is a powerful too that will reap them great advantages in the future.

Preschool Time Schedule

8:00~ Arrive/Free Play Time Short Time Full Time
10:00~ Circle Time
11:00~ Outdoor Play Time
12:00~ Lunch Time
13:00~ Parents pick up children/Short-time
13:00~ Nap Time/Full Time
14:45~ Snack Time
15:30~ Circle Time
16:45~ Free Play Time
18:00 Parents pick up children
※The daily schedule may slightly vary at times.

About School time

Pineapple & Coconut Class (2・3 years of age)
Starting with basic greetings, responses and other simple, everyday English, children will start learning what they need to describe the world around them and the thought inside them. Our school is stocked with plenty of materials to help students pick up vocabulary, expressions and numerical concepts necessary for ther expanding minds. Our curriculum is adapted to the seasons and the changing world around the school to make learning easier and more relevant. English is not only a part of the classroom - it is part of our daily life, and is expressed though art, movement, rhythm and songs.
Sky & Rainbow Class (4・5 years of age)
For our 4-5 year children, lessons follow monthly themes designed to draw out more natural and expressive English. While input plays an important role in our school, output plays a larger and larger role with the emphasis on interaction and conversational English. In addition, we begin to develop English as a tool for creative expression through storytelling and writing. In our school, English goes beyond being a subject that is learned. It is a way to experience and express and interact with life.

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