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講師紹介 Our Teachers

いつも明るく、元気いっぱいなSunrise Kids International Schoolの先生

Sunrise Kids International Schoolでは、こんな先生がお子様の来園をお待ちしています!

Ms. Maki
Ms. Maki
Mr. Vincenzo
Mr. Vincenzo
Ms. Katrin
Ms. Katrin
Ms. Karla
Ms. Karla
Ms. Naga
Ms. Naga
Ms. Moe
Ms. Moe
Ms. Harumi
Ms. Harumi
Ms. Saki
Ms. Saki
Ms. Kaori
Ms. Kaori

【園長】 Ms. Maki

Ms. MakiDelighted to meet you!On this occasion, I'm so glad to join this school and be able to spend wonderful time with pure-hearted Sunrise kids.
At first, let me talk about my career a little. After graduated from Universiry, I worked as a secretary for a company with foreign capital and a translator. After that, I had been an English teacher for kids for thirteen years.
When I have kid students, I always keep in mind to make the atmosphere in classroom safe and comfortable for them as if it's their second home. I think that kids can learn a lot efficiently when they recognize to be in an unafraid and pleasant place.
Additionally, I enjoy setting traps to give kids feeling of achievement when they overcome something they hadn't been able to do. I really like seeing their big smile with accomplishment!
Anyway, I believe that our school environment is an ideal for kids to experience many valuable things for their bright future in internationalization. We would like to support you cultivate your children's unlimited possibility in this school. We are waiting for you and your children to join in from bottom of my heart. Thank you.




Mr. Vincenzo

Mr. Vincenzo Hello! My name is Vincenzo, please call me Mr Vinnie!
I'm Italian but I've been living in many different countries: I spent most of my childhood in Wales and England, I studied in Italy, Wales, England and Switzerland and I worked in Italy, Wales, France, Spain, Burundi and Holland.
I love soccer and 70`s rock music. My hobbies are cooking, travelling and film making.
I graduated from Bologna University with a degree in International development and cooperation, then I realized that I love teaching children when I was in Africa, working for an International NGO. There I had the chance to teach math, history, English and French in an elementary school as a volunteer. That experience definitely changed my life!
I moved to Japan in 2012, since that time I've been teaching English in Tokyo and now I'm so happy and proud to be a Sunrise Kids teacher!



今サンライズの先生としていられることをとても嬉しく誇りに思っています! ページトップへ


Ms.Katrin Hello!
My name is Katrin and I am from Leipzig, Germany. It is very nice to meet you!
My hobbies include learning new languages, taking long walks, dancing, especially ballet and singing.
I graduated from Leipzig University with a degree in Japan Studies. I was an exchange student at Sophia University in Tokyo and I fell in love with Japan, the language and the people.
Before coming to Japan, I worked as a customer service representative for a travel agency, where I was responsible for the English-speaking customers. I realized during that time, that my dream is to work and live in Japan. I also wanted to become a teacher for young children. So I am very happy to work at Sunrise Kids for I can fulfill both of my dreams here.
It makes me happy to see how much fun the children have while learning at the same time. I am very proud  to see them use the things they learned with confidence and joy.


私はSunrise Kidsで働くことで両方の夢をここで叶える事ができ、とても嬉しく思っています。また、英語を学ぶ事が、子供たちにとってどれほど嬉しく、楽しい事かを見ることが出来て嬉しく思います。 子供たちが自信と喜びをもって学んだ英語を使っている姿をとても誇りに思います。 ページトップへ

Ms. Karla

Ms. Karla Hi Everyone! Nice meeting you!
My name is Karla.
I love gymnastics and I love playing volleyball, badminton and billiards.
I graduated from Medical University with Bachelor Degree in Nursing.
I worked as pediatric nurse for children and for those who has special needs.
But at the same time I have also been interested in teaching and I am passionate about children.
I worked as a Volunteer teacher and English teacher and I have 4 years experience here in japan.

I am very happy to be part of sunrise kids, I want to spend more time with them having fun while learning new things and I want to take care and see them grow and become successful in their journey.


私は、サンライズキッズの一員になることができ、とても嬉しく思います。新しいものを学びながら、楽しい時間を過ごしたいと思っています。そして、子ども達のお世話をしながら、未来へはばたく子ども達の成長や成功を見守りたいです。 ページトップへ

Ms. Naga

Ms. Naga Hello everyone! My name is Manami Nagakubo.
I'm a person who loves a new challenge, so I have tried out many different things. For example, I love sports and outdoor activities like running, soccer, handball, camping, hiking, and surfing. I also like playing music on the guitar and drums. And of course, I love English!
A few years ago, I heard about the Au Pair program where a person can work as a babysitter in the United States. I thought it was perfect for me because it was a chance to learn real English and take care of kids every day. And that was true! I had so much fun with two cute boys for couple of years in Hawaii. It made me happy and surprised every day seeing their growth and development.
After I came back to Japan, I decided to be an English teacher for children because I had learned how it is fun to work with them. I'm very glad I could join in a school where I can do just that. I know that I'm going to grow up with children, and hopefully children can grow up well with my care. Let's have lots of fun at Sunrise!



私自身も子どもたちと成長を共にし、そして子どもの旺盛なチャレンジ精神を、受け止め引き延ばしてあげられるような保育に努めて参りたいと思っております。 ページトップへ

Ms. Moe

Ms. Moeko Hello, Nice to meet you.
My name is Moeko Kanemoto.
I started concentrating on learning English language when I studied abroad for a year in Canada. When I was a child, my parents usually traveled with me, but it was difficult to get use to the English language and foreign people. During my study abroad, I was speaking English on a daily basis. I think the best way to improve the English skill is to use English everyday.
At Sunrise, I hope the children will get familiar with the English language and foreign people from native speakers and to improve listening and speaking skills, but also enjoy speaking English. I like playing tennis and watching movies during my free time.
I like exercising, so I want to enjoy doing the same with the children.


サンライズではネイティブの方と直接関わる事で外国の方への親近感を養い、リスニング力やスピーキング力を子どものうちから身につけ楽しんで話す様になってほしいです。私の趣味はテニスをする事と映画を観る事です。体を動かす事が大好きなので、子ども達とたくさん一緒に遊びたいと思っています。よろしくお願いします。 ページトップへ

Ms. Harumi

Ms. Harumi Hi there! I’m Harumi from Saitama prefecture. Please call me Ms. Harumi.
I am really glad to work for Sunrise kids because I like both children and English.
Before I came here, I worked at an orphanage as a nanny for 7 years. Then I took care of children who were newborns to 3-years-old. I really liked that job, but I dreamed of living in a foreign country. So I decided to live in Canada.
I lived in the City of Vancouver for 2 years and learned English there.
On my first day at Sunrise, I was so surprised that the children spoke English very well.
It seemed like they enjoyed having conversations using English with teachers and friends. I’d like to enjoy speaking English with kids as well. Thank you.



保育士登録番号:埼玉県-043374 ページトップへ

Ms. Saki

Ms. Saki Hi,everyone.
I'm Saki.
I'm very glad that I can play, learn, and make a lot of memories with the kids at Sunrise.
The reason I started studying English is I thought
"It would be very cool if i could speak English fluently."
The more I study, the more I realize how pretty the sound of English is and the more I discover new expressions which only English has.
I went to England for the first time when I was a high school student and then I decided to go to Philippines
to do volunteer work.
By caring of orphans, I realized that I would like to work with kids who have very bright eyes and pure hearts.
After graduating university in Japan, I decided to go on to college in the US to study psychology.
I appreciate that I can work with kids, try new things and feel happy with them!




Ms. Kaori

Ms. kaori Hello.My name is Kaori.
I describe myself as a challenging and easygoing person.

At first,I was very interested in studying about nursery for my future babies. So I started to study it and got the lisence as a nursery school teacher.

Since I had a child, I had some kind of problem for raising a child in English. I surely think that every parents has got a lot of questions and concerns about rasing children. Although I still have been struggling with that, I will be able to share those feelings and I may be an assistance for whom needs any help.

At SUNRISE, I am very pleased to see a lot of different types of children.
Moreover,what I was amazed the most was children speak English naturally, thanks to all skillful staffs' efforts.

See you at SUNRISE!

こんにちわ。Ms. Kaoriです。




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